Gant by michael bastian spring/summer 2013


volve. It’s the one inescapable natural rule that has guided the history of mankind as well as the history of fashion. Every day, the world changes in a million imperceptible ways and if we want to prosper we must be open to this at all levels. For Spring/Summer 2013 – his sixth season of collaboration with GANT – designer Michael Bastian drew his inspiration from the Galapagos Islands, the untamed crucible of adaption and evolution, off the coast of Ecuador. The inspiration evolved into a collection that teams the technical aspects of the clothing required to explore this fragile but brutal ecosystem, with romantic elements that pay homage to the long history of explorers visiting the islands. And towering over everything is, of course, the spirit of Charles Darwin.


his season, Spring 2013 is a particularly special one for me. The inspiration was the Galapagos Islands – the rugged and beautiful volcanic islands in the Pacific, to the west of Ecuador, that sowed the seeds for Charles Darwin’s theories of evolution. Today the Galapagos are home to many species of animals and plants that exist nowhere else in the world – a tiny isolated universe unto itself but representative of the adaptive cycles all living things on the earth are subject to. This idea supplied the collection with an over all feeling of exploration tempered with the rugged technical elements necessary for survival in this kind of environment. We also included references to the archipelago’s South American heritage – mainly expressed through color and the patterns seen on indigenous textiles. And just as all plants and animals must adapt to changing environments to flourish, so must designer lines-- change is the natural law of our business as well. So as we debut our sixth season of GANT by Michael Bastian, I hope you notice how both our lines have grown and evolved into complete lifestyle brands for both men and women the world over.

Michael Bastian


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